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Ashley Borders, Ph.D.

Using Insight and Acceptance to Decrease Suffering

I am currently accepting new clients.

I am a clinical psychologist offering individual therapy to college students, adults, and seniors. I work from a psychodynamic/psychoanalytic approach. I offer virtual and in-person therapy. I am licensed in PA and am also a PSYPACT member, which allows me to do virtual therapy in 35 states


I believe that the path to decreased suffering lies in understanding how thoughts and feelings (especially those you may be unaware of) influence your behavior, life choices, and relationships. In a caring, collaborative relationship, we work to understand ways that your current struggles reflect inner conflicts and patterns derived from your that you can become more content and confident in who you are, and have a greater sense of freedom in your life.

For whom?

I see adults in individual, psychodynamic/ psychoanalytic psychotherapy.

My approach particularly works with people who are self-reflective and interested in learning about themselves.
I work well with people struggling with anxiety, difficulty managing emotions, relationship problems, parenting challenges, loneliness, trauma, grief, chronic illness, and general life dissatisfaction.

I also specialize in helping people cope with minority stressors and identity issues.



How to get started?

Finding a therapist you trust and feel comfortable with is crucial to the therapy process. I offer a free 20-minute phone consultation to give you an initial sense of my style and approach. I then think of the first 3-4 sessions as a trial period, where I get to know you – your struggles, goals, and history – and you get to know my approach and style even better. Together, we then make a decision about whether we think we will work together effectively, whether you will feel comfortable exploring your mind and heart in my presence, and how frequent our sessions should be.  

For more information and/or an initial phone consultation, please contact me by phone or email.




In-person office

8302 Old York Rd., Suite B7

Elkins Park, PA 19027

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